About Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants

The Literature Award for Migrants, are the literature (the poems, songs, stories) from the population of immigrants (foreign brides) and migrant workers. 

There are nearly 500 thousand South East-Asian migrant workers in Taiwan right now, as well as 200 thousand marriage migrants, and 300 thousand second-generation of new inhabitants. The life and cultural experiences of this community are indispensable to Taiwan literature. And through their writings, we are given an opportunity to see a broader, fuller, more colorful image of Taiwan.   

The organization of the Literature Award is to encourage, and record the history that is happening now. Through the literary productions of immigrants, migrant workers, we will see stories of living in foreign lands (migrant workers), the feeling of having two homelands (immigrants), and having parents of two nationalities (second-generation of new inhabitants), open before our eyes.

First Prize worth 100 thousand NTD
We anticipate your participation!